Hi, I'm Nadav Cassuto.

I am a photographer based in Minnesota.

My Photos

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About Me

Bird photography has been my all-time passion since my early teens with a specialty in raptors. In pre-digital photography days, I used to go to nearby orchards and empty fields with binoculars, a simple camera, and telescopic lens to count migrating birds.

Raptors in particular, attract me because of the majestic look and their mating and raising chicks behavior. Observing and photographing birds and bird behavior brings me closer to nature and a sense of spirituality. In the words of Dante Alighieri, “Nature is the art of God.”

My passionate hobby is now my “obsession”, but I still support myself as a data scientist (my Ph.D. is in quantitative psychology) manipulating huge data sets and predicting outcomes which is my second love. If you enjoy nature photography, especially bird photography, my prints are for sale on this website.